From adhesives and cleaning systems to sealants and corrosion protection, Henkel offers a variety of products for interior applications.

Henkel is a single source for comprehensive automotive interior solutions including adhesives, sealants, lubricants and surface treatments that ensure excellent vehicle fit-to-finish. Henkel provides global design, engineering and assembly solutions to the makers of automotive interior systems and components.

Several of Henkel’s solutions, essential for interior applications, are globally specified by leading automotive manufacturers. This saves time and resources by simplifying validation. Henkel also reduces labor costs and promotes lean manufacturing by offering automotive adhesives that can be directly applied to surfaces, without preparation.

Brands and products:
Henkel’s portfolio of products and expertise enhance non-seating interior applications such as headliners, door panels, small parts and trim components. In addition, seating applications benefiting from Henkel innovations include upholstery, foam, seat mechanisms, back structures and seat tracks. Henkel offers an extensive range of interior products including;

Adhesives and Sealants
– Henkel is the industry leader in automotive adhesives and sealants. For more than 75 years, Henkel’s extensive product line has been used to support automotive manufacturing around the globe and has helped make Henkel the single source for automotive chemical solutions. In addition, Henkel is driving the rapid advancement of improved techniques for automotive interiors. Supported by its international reputation for innovative research and development, Henkel continuously designs new specialty products for vehicle applications.  Interior applications include:

  • Gasketing
    • Foam cure-in-place gaskets
      • HVAC duct work
      • NVH applications
  • Bonding
    • Cyanoacrylate adhesives for plastics and metal bonding 
    • PSA, polyoefin, polypropylene, and polyamide hot-melt adhesives for bonding:
      • Foam and metal seating
      • Door panels
      • Carpeting
  • Laminating adhesives
    • Waterborne, solventborne and hotmelt
      • Overhead assemblies
      • Door panels

Chemical Specialties – Henkel’s chemical specialty products and services have a sustained, proven reputation for performance. The company’s experts work to ensure that products meet customers’ application and quality needs. Henkel provides chemical specialty solutions for common and unique challenges faced by the automotive industry. Henkel’s chemical specialty offerings for vehicle interiors include plastics cleaners for previously painted substrates including primed and raw SMC, polyurethane and polyurea RIM, ABS, TPO, TPE, PVC and polyethylene.

Lubricants – Henkel provides a variety of forming lubricants to the automotive industry. Various applications include stamping, forming and machining lubricants for all interior metal parts including seat adjusters and instrument panel support structures. Additionally, Henkel’s lubricants help to preserve surface quality, and increase production while lowering the total manufacturing cost. Henkel also manufactures reactive and non-reactive lubricants, synthetic lubricants and graphite-based lubricants.

Parts and Foams – With its line of preformed parts and cavity sealing pumpable foams, Henkel is the leading source to provide sealing, acoustic and structural solutions for automotive interiors. Henkel’s preformed parts and foams address water leakage; sound deadening and structural reinforcement of interior components; and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) challenges.

Pretreatments – Henkel’s pretreatments for interior applications include zinc and magnesium conversion coatings used prior to paint applications for all interior metal components.

Coatings – Autophoretic® Coating Chemicals (ACC) are used for a variety of interior applications including seat adjusters and numerous fully assembled metal components. Henkel’s best-in-class pretreatments also are more streamlined, more economical and environmentally sound.

Henkel’s solutions for automotive interiors offer many key benefits for suppliers such as greater design freedom; reduced capital expenses for tooling and assembly; fewer parts and lower inventory; simplified, flexible assembly; and shorter cycle times. Additional benefits include:

Environmental Sustainability

  • Offers safer ways to use chemistries
  • Reduces operator exposure

Improved Operating Efficiency

  • Offers automation for process control and cost reductions 
  • Provides technical support to maximize in-plant operation efficiency
  • Develops products designed for bath life extension without use of routine tank side additives
  • Reduces operator exposure and offers safer ways to use chemistries without loss of performance

Cost Effectiveness

  • Reduces operating expenses – time, energy and manpower
    Customer Service
  • Offers complete source for chemical technologies
  • Develops custom solutions to improve vehicle design, performance and process for its automotive and transportation industry partners
  • Provides unmatched research, design and testing capabilities

Increased Productivity

  • Decreases overall operating expenses
  • Increases plant profitability
  • Increases operation up time

Global Capability

  • Operations throughout the world to serve customers globally
  • Project management using worldwide resources

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