Tissue & Towels

What makes a piece of paper into a highly functional tissue product?
A few grams of adhesive. Henkel’s special adhesives suit the most varied application in tissue industry. Whatever you want to glue, we provide you with the know-how for optimal adhesion in all production environments.

Ongoing communication with our partners in industry enables us to do this. We conduct research in cooperation with machinery manufacturers in order to make sure that our adhesives bond at the right moment and in the right place, and to ascertain the best adhesive viscosity, tack as well as open and setting time. Along with machine producers, we develop binding specifications and recommendations that make it easier for you to select the correct adhesive.

Innovations on the part of our business partners thus flow directly into our own research. Facilitating individual solutions to problems, in order to meet all of your needs.

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Getting the tack right



From rigid to soft


Getting the „softness“ right


Packaging, a discipline for specialists


Élek tömítése
This application could be considered as the most important, as it gives the real image of quality of the finished roll.


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